For the love of art & service.

TheeArtCave was born out of the mind's eye of Angela Hill and Stephanie Burrell. It is our vision to use printmaking to enrich our local economy and create cultural infrastructure in East New York and other communities around the globe. 

WE :: create professional experiences for our clients. 

WE :: nurture the artist community by providing education through screen printing and design workshops.

WE :: are a resource that businesses, artists and organizations can connect with.

Aside from making love to print, you can find us roaming the streets of Brooklyn, NY, tuned in and turned on.

Angela Hill is a lover and native of the south(Columbus, GA to be exact).  Angela relocated to Brooklyn, NY in December 2013 to pursue her hearts desires to be a happy and successful entrepreneur; doing what she loves, so she'll never have to work a day in her life.  Angela has a background in marketing, photography and screen printing.  Angela believes in the power of words and loves to share words of affirmations be ready to receive when you see her. "You ask me am I an artist, I say yes.  You ask me what my art is, I say, my life." - Angela Hill

Angela (left) & Stephanie (right) running a live print demo at Soul of Brooklyn 2015. Presented by MoCADA.

Stephanie Ari Burrell is a teacher and therefore always a student. Believing in the power of the pen, Stephanie enjoys telling stories through visual language. While journeying through Howard University and later Parsons School of Design, Stephanie fell in love with graphic design and it's elemental, all encompassing values. She has a variety of skill sets including, but not limited to lithography, screen printing, laser cutting, photography, Adobe editing tools and graphic design. Besides gushing over typography, Stephanie affirms Anything is Possible. Founder of It's Me Ari, an apparel and specialty gift brand for inspired tastemakers.